our values.

our mantra
twenty is about a real drive to succeed, a fearless attitude to business and a belief that success is about having fun as well as working smart. 

what this means to us

to us, ambition matters. it brings out the best in people. as does a drive to succeed, provided the environment is right and opportunity exists.

we don’t waste any time here at twenty, in anything we do. we are a business with a deliberately high bar for expectation and a purposefully ingrained fast-track culture. we hire people based not only to become great recruiters but also based on their ambitions to become managers and leaders of our business. this is essential for us.

in our opinion, our consultants are high potential, insatiably ambitious individuals, utterly committed to becoming the best possible version of themselves; doing so in their own unique way. by having a team who all want to be the best, it enables us to consolidate this sentiment and strive to be the best business in our industry [in our own way].

we take success very seriously, constantly trying to overachieve for our clients and candidates. good news being that if we overachieve for them, we also overachieve as a business by default! we have been lucky enough to see this year on year.

when we overachieve we can invest. our highly ambitious growth plan centres on significant achievement financially and operationally; leading to the creation of lots of new roles for us to hire people into. it’s working and we are rapidly growing.

our people are also progressing quickly in their careers. we don’t believe in letting time slip by unnecessarily, we believe in rapid career progression based purely on merit. We expand roles to progress our people just as soon as they are capable, without delay, seizing the moments as and when they come, to give as much opportunity as soon as we can.

our mantra
for twenty to thrive we need people who have a a clear vision of the goals ahead and the desire to achieve. open communication, clear responsibilities and transparency are the bedrock of twenty’s style.

what this means to us

we believe in just being honest. on a daily basis, we are told of the problems communication, or the lack of it, can cause in all walks of life. especially in a business environment. for us it isn’t about being perfect, its’ about making our intentions clear.

open conversations, transparency, simple messages and welcoming of response or constructive feedback. this is what you can expect from us, whether you are one of our clients, candidates, or if you join us to be a part of the team.

we acknowledge that people respect the truth and don’t want to be misled. we therefore strive to break the ‘smoke and mirrors’ mould that we feel so many firms have fallen victim to and instead take the path that seemed to be obvious but perhaps was somewhat less trodden. our crystal-clear value comes into play all over the company both internally and externally.

an example internally being our monthly global meetings that include the entire company. here we lay bare our performance to keep everyone in the loop. at the end of the day, our people are a quintessential compenent of our growing company, so we believe everyone deserves the right to know how we're doing. 

externally, one of many examples being our drive for a perpetual feedback loop. always asking the question of how we perform and how we can improve to those whom we’ve interacted with to ensure we get the true picture, never ignore an issue or problem and are always improving. 

our mantra

twenty is an innovator in the talent services sector. consciously bringing together a diverse, solution minded team who challenge the status quo and win together. we have a unique style, we are different and we want to be. we celebrate being so.

what this means to us

we feel being different should be celebrated and that uniqueness is what ultimately makes people brilliant, as individuals and as a collective.

our business is fundamentally linked to making a difference to people’s lives externally; clients and candidates alike. we feel its’ extremely important for us, as a business, to be different – in what we do and how we do it - to sit aside from the crowd. If we do things the same way everyone else does, what makes us special? this is a question we constantly ask ourselves.

diversity brings huge benefits to organisations. we here at twenty planted our stake firmly in the ground on the topic of diversity with our be eclectic value. this was etched into our DNA before we started trading as a business back in 2008. from day one we have been aiming to celebrate the difference that exists across this crazy world that we live in and the experiences people have; in doing so building a truly diverse team that guarantees an eclectic mind-set in all areas of our business.

we are deliberately looking for people’s uniqueness and individualism. we will only hire people for our team who unanimously score highly on eclecticism, having met several of our incumbent team. the people who make it through our doors aren’t afraid to be themselves, be different and believe in embracing diversity. those same people help us to ensure this culture is at all times upheld, by playing their part in recognising the eclecticism in others looking to join us.