keeping up with the demand for UX design talent

Posted on 1/06/2017 by Adrian Kinnersley


Author: James Warren | Managing Director, Europe 

IBM are increasing their designer to developer ratio, from 72 developers for every designer to nine developers per designer – and those figures do not mean that they are cutting their development team. On the contrary, they are growing their design skills and abilities to keep up with emerging demands for better and more innovative user experiences across the board. The demand for UX professionals continues to grow, leading to the rapid creation of jobs throughout the market. So why are these skills in such ever-increasing demand, and will we reach a ceiling? 

The main reason for this sudden surge in UX investment is the commoditisation of development. With there being so many base platforms on the market, it's possible for anybody with basic technical ability to create and launch an app or website. To stay ahead of the competition, companies need to get the user experience just right. Forrester Research recently released a report showing that user interfaces that are focused on delivering above consumer expectations can increase conversion rates by up to 200%, while high-quality user experience design offers increased conversion rates of up to 400%. 

With the ever-increasing trends in big data and AI, user experience should be becoming easier to gauge and develop. With so much knowledge about the customer base at hand, companies are able to tailor the online and experience for customers more completely, to improve sales, generate more conversions, and engage customers more successfully. However, it all comes down to hiring the right people to get the job done.

Companies across the world have seen this trend coming, and a surge in UX recruitment and design talent hiring has been witnessed across the US and India. UK companies now need to make the move to ensure that the right UX talent is on their team, rather than designing the next big thing in user experience on behalf of the competition. This growth in UX demand shows no signs of stopping, so this is the perfect time to invest in the future of your company.

87% of hiring managers and department heads working with the UX space have said that hiring UX talent is a top priority for their organisations throughout 2017, more so than hiring graphic designers or product managers. This is a huge increase, and it really displays how important the UX hiring process is right now. With the first half of 2017 already behind us, the time to invest in UX recruitment is now.

For hiring managers looking for the top UX talent, it's a great time to schedule an appointment with one of our advisors. We can help you select from a range of innovative, qualified and experienced UX designers who are actively seeking a company to take to greater heights. 

For those in the UX design field, now is the time to start looking for a company that deserves your skills and talents. While the market is so competitive, the advantage is entirely yours for the taking – so jump on the opportunity, and create your candidate profile today to see what the current UX design recruitment climate can offer you.