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Author: Nick Careless | Managing Director, Americas 

The Explosion of Data – and Why a Career in Data is a Good Move

Data has always been a valuable resource for companies in all sectors, but with the rise of technology over the past decade, the sheer volume of data has grown, and it has become accessible in overwhelming quantities. The rise of ‘big data’ has allowed companies to develop several strategies to analyze and study information. This has enabled them to improve services, understand markets more deeply, and predict future trends. This rapid growth of a whole sector has brought with it new careers and responsibilities; these are opening the world of data service recruitment to a larger network of candidates with a greater variety of skillsets.

How is Data Growing?

In our everyday lives, we hand over more and more information about our habits, lifestyle and personal circumstances. This includes the brands we follow on social media, our purchasing habits recorded through loyalty cards, and even the information we allow apps on our devices to access. Each year, more methods of collecting information are developed, and as society acclimatizes to an increasingly digital lifestyle, more personal information is readily handed over.

What Can Companies do With Big Data?

In the business landscape, big data is used in two main ways;

1. Generate sales

By collecting information about their customers, businesses are able to target their products, sales and marketing activities more effectively, to capture the attention of the more profitable groups.

2. Monitor patterns and predict future trends

Big data is analyzed to predict future trends in all industries, from forecasting the results of presidential elections, to determining whether it's beneficial to contract another season of a sitcom.

However, big data is also used to benefit groups in all sectors, including healthcare, financial services, retail, sports, life sciences, technology and automotive.

What Does This Mean for Data Services Recruitment in 2017?

As big data grows, and helps to create the need for faster processing times, the opportunities for data services recruitment widen every month. In 2016, Gartner reported that 48% of companies had already invested in big data analysis, while 75% of those surveyed planned to invest further in 2017.

This year, two of the job titles predicted to see a substantial growth and hiring surge are data scientists and big data engineers, with salaries expected to increase by 6.4% and 5.8% respectively.

2017 is the perfect time for recruiting IT and data staff, due to a greater understanding, industry-wide, of the importance and uses of both big and fast data processing. If your company is looking to develop its data analysis processes, to benefit from the increased versatility which comes with access to large amounts of data, now is the time to begin your search for new hires.

For individuals looking either to enter the world of data analysis, or to find new opportunities within data services, the rest of 2017 is likely to offer a great opportunity to learn new skills, develop new data analysis techniques, and put your creativity, analytical skills and curiosity to work.

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