about us

twenty is a technology driven provider of solutions and services to our clients operational or strategic challenges. we do this in two ways:

  • providing senior level recruitment and search into key positions; decision makers or subject matter experts who drive businesses forward
  • providing consultancy services into select technical disciplines where clients are investing to grow or transform

we are trying to disrupt and innovate within our industry by attacking the status quo and doing things deliberately differently. to achieve this we make significant continued investment inwardly through two distinct channels:

  • our technology
  • our people

these investments brought together enable our product and service delivery.

we invest heavily in our front-to-back technology, ensuring it is cutting-edge and drives performance. our complex suite of leading tech has, at its core, our unique data cube. this in-turn powers our proprietary augmented intelligence platform, which acts as a unique enabler to our team’s operational capability. our intention is to partner with clients of the exact same mindset, who are disruptive, innovative, want to be different and who are also investing heavily in their technology to pioneer products and services within their industry.

investment in our people drives our culture and belief system around engagement, commitment, and perpetual learning. we know that by getting this right, it will only ever benefit our client base. we have 3 values which are firmly within our dna and underpin everything we do:

life’s short - we are unashamedly ambitious and seek to operate without fear. we set the bar for performance and expectation of ourselves deliberately high, striving to be the best and raise the expectation clients have in turn.

crystal clear - we operate with honesty and integrity. firmly believing that our candour, and commitment to open communication, will become the bedrock of trust that is essential for us to build the reputation we want.

be eclectic - we don’t just respect difference; we celebrate it. we celebrate each other and empower our team to drive our culture forward. teams, communities and businesses are powered by the diversity of their people

beyond this we hold ourselves accountable to clear commitments ….

we push ourselves every day to achieve success for our clients through our quality, our impact and our persistence. we obsess over product, not price. our product covers our expertise, advice, people, service delivery and support.

we measure our relationships more so than our revenue and we will not sacrifice our service to make a sale

we are trying to build a stand alone brand that is synonymous with these beliefs.