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Twenty Recruitment is one of the world's fastest expanding independent recruitment businesses. In January 2009 while the recruitment sector was suffering from the effects of global financial meltdown, we were rewriting the rule book and setting up the next generation of recruitment business. We are staffed with highly experienced consultants who have impressive track records of delivery in your sector. We are professional business people committed to solutions, not sales and who manage careers, not jobs.


Why your business should be hiring an ‘outsider’

We live in a time of overwhelmingly fast-paced change. Just a decade ago Twitter was a glimmer in its creators’ eyes, Google hadn’t launched an e-mail service and mobile phones were a world a...

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Why accountancy firms should promote themselves more effectively

A study from last month revealed that 71% of young people believe you need a degree to succeed in a career in accountancy. While it isn’t entirely surprising that they think this, after all, it...

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The importance of being digital

Digital technology has crept into almost every area of our daily lives. People now use their phones and laptops to source information before sharing it with the world on social media and this is ...

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